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Skin Needling; Get A Step Closer To Healthier Skin

Skin needling, otherwise called micro-needling, Or derma rolling, is an anti-aging treatment that has been in use since 1905. However, it became acclaimed in the 1990s after a South African doctor discovered it helped to activate the production of more collagen in our dermis- collagen is an essential building block in our skin that helps the skin remain smooth, clear, and tight.

This procedure involves the use of millionth-sized pins to pierce through the skin slightly. It is often used on the face and other scars on the body, regardless of skin color.


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Skin needling is used to prevent

  •  Hyperpigmentation
  •  Lowered elasticity in the dermis
  •  Aging of the skin tissues
  •  Black/Sunspots
  •  Uneven pores
  •  Stretch marks
  •  and other types of scars.

How Skin Needling Works

The belief is that the slight invasion of the skin by these pins results in small injuries that accelerate collagen-rich tissue production to replace the injured tissues.

When you go for this treatment, the dermatologist (a professional skincare doctor) administers a pain-numbing anesthetic at least an hour before the actual procedure. The duration of the session can be as little as 30mins. After which, the doctor administers another serum for cooling effects.

After this treatment, your skin would appear to be over-tanned; it could look burnt to an extent for a day or more. Don’t be bothered; it is normal. The derma rolling operation’s effects would be observed 5-7 days after the  flaky skin falls off. It is important to state that just one procedure is not enough to get long-lasting results. Depending on your skin type and the issues bothering it, you might need 3-5 of these sessions to get favorable results.

Benefits of Skin Needling Treatment

Collagen Production

The skin reacts to the minimal invasion of these tiny needles by producing more collagen.This is a major benefit of this treatment. It is the basis for the skin’s anti-aging effects, and it allows more dermal elasticity- preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Skin Texture

With this treatment, your skin texture becomes perfect- not too soft, not too hard. Just perfect!

Clear and Smooth Skin

With the scars out of the picture, your skin becomes clear and smooth.

Other benefits include:

1. Even skin tone
2. Detoxified skin
3. the Lesser appearance of acnes
4. Firm and uplifted dermal tissues
5. Reduced pore size
6. An overall youthful look.

The side-effect of Skin Needling Treatment

Most medical treatments have side-effects depending on the skin type of the person operated on.

Irritated skin

The first few days after the treatment have your skin looking red and irritated to touch. Although this dissipates after a few days, some people have it so bad that they can’t leave the house till it’s gone. In contrast, others mask theirs with make-up.


Infections might arise if your skin is not given proper postoperative care. After the procedure, the doctor is meant to provide your follow-up guides on how to care for irritated skin. Without an appropriate handling of  the sensitive skin tissues, bacterial or fungi infections might creep in.

In extreme cases, you might have

  • Bruising and
  •  Severe Bleeding

For these reasons, you mustn’t attempt to have a micro-needling operation when you fall into the following categories.

  • You are pregnant
  •  You have open sores.
  •  You have a long history of skin diseases and scarring.

If you have recently had a skin radiation therapy session, you must STAY AWAY from micro-needling.

Cost of Skin Needling Therapy

This depends on the level of damage to your skin, the type of serum used, and the doctor’s level of expertise. The  total cost is relative to the number of sessions you might need. However, if this is compared with reparative skin surgery, it is relatively cheaper and more affordable.

“Will facial spas near me offer this service?”

You can request micro-needling at any facial spa near you. It is one of the readily available skincare med procedures at any reputable spa.

In conclusion:

Researchers have deduced that when this skincare med procedure is combined with vitamin c and PPR treatments, it becomes more productive. For more information, search the internet for “med spa near me” or a dermatologist to get an opinion that suits your skin type.


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