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Speed up the healing of ligaments and tendons caused by injury with Human Growth Factors (HGF).


Speed up the healing of ligaments and tendons caused by injury with Human Growth Factors (HGF).

HGF in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

HGF, or Human Growth Factors, is popular for its use in treating hair loss. At Fairbanks Med Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, we also offer HGF to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Several studies have shown that HGF is effective in speeding up the healing of ligaments and tendons.

The introduction of HGF in sports medicine has many benefits. Many people suffer from chronic pain and limitations due to imperfect healing. With HGF at our medical spa, we can help you return to your normal level of functioning before the injury.


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What Is HGF?

At our med spa in Rancho Santa Fe, we have patients who are familiar with HGF because they’ve heard about one of its other uses and patients who never heard the term before. HGF stands for Human Growth Factors.

Our blood consists of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and clotting factors in plasma. HGF is platelets and plasma without other blood elements. We use the patient’s blood in his or her treatments. We draw blood then put it in a machine that separates other elements and only gives us HGF.

HGF can then be injected back. It’s used in dental surgery, treating hair loss, and in sports injuries.

What to Expect

The entire procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes. After injecting HGF into the affected area, we recommend icing it and resting for about three days to maximize healing and limit swelling. Most patients get back to their normal level of activity within a week. Full healing, however, can take months.

At Fairbanks Med Spa, we like to go a step further for our patients and their safety. That’s why we inject HGF under ultrasound guidance. Instead of going in blind, we use an ultrasound to see what we’re injecting. Injecting under ultrasound guidance is associated with better results and fewer side effects.

HGF has shown to be effective in treating multiple sports injuries like Tennis and Golfer’s elbows. It’s also useful in treating tendon, muscle, and ligaments tears. Even those with knee osteoarthritis might benefit from HGF.

What Our Patients Say

Rachel did a HydraFacial for my husband and I the day before our wedding and it was amazing. It left our skin glowing, feeling fresh and clean. Our faces felt and looked so hydrated for our wedding day. Rachel was very professional and made sure we were comfortable and always asked us if we needed anything. We will definitely go back for another service!

Raquel A.

I had a HydraFacial here with Rachel & she was absolutely amazing. She explained everything she was doing and the benefits of every product. She made sure I was comfortable with everything she was doing and was so respectful, professional, and overall a lovely person to talk to. I definitely recommend her and I will be back soon! Thank you again!

Lynnae G.

I had a lovely facial at Fairbanks Med Spa with Rachel. I had a Fairbanks Custom HydraFacial with a brightening booster and LED Light Therapy. I was really surprised and delighted that one session could make such a difference to take away some dark spots and make me look younger. Highly recommend Rachel for any skincare service.

Kendra W.

Rachel was amazing! I scheduled the Fairbanks Custom HydraFacial. It was the best Facial I’ve ever had!

Maile B.

Rachel is absolutely incredible. She really takes her time with the facials making sure she gets everything out that needs to be. I enjoyed everything about my first time here. Thank you!

Bradie O.

Shelly gives the best facials. My skin looks and feels great thanks to her and ZO products. They also did my CoolSculpting and I was amazed by the results. It actually works. Love this place!

Marisol G.

I scheduled a free CoolSculpting consultation to learn more about the treatment. After my assessment, I scheduled my first session. Before we started, Marisol was very good at explaining how everything would work and answering any questions I had. During the treatment, she was great at making sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable. The spa is very clean and professionally staffed. I highly recommend going to Fairbanks Med Spa. I had great results from my CoolSculpting treatment!

Melanie S.

Neighborhood Jewel! Dr. Gram and the team are very knowledgeable and helpful. The day spa is second to none with the Hydra-facial. It was the most comfortable and effective facial I have ever had. I feel very confident having Fairbanks Pharmacy managing my prescriptions and medications as well as my skincare!

Jeanne P.
Alicia is incredible! Such a great facial! She is so knowledgeable and informative but also incredibly talented at giving you a relaxing experience. They use the best products also (IMO) (eminence and zo skincare) I look forward to my next facial with her!
Mijanne A.

I received the most amazing facial from Alicia. She had prepared me for a potentially less relaxing facial than a traditional facial, as I had booked a hydrafacial. I don’t know what she was talking about. Alicia explained in interesting and terrific detail what was happening but she didn’t over-speak. It was more relaxing than i expected and the facial/neck/shoulder/arm massage was decadent. I felt like i learned so much while also getting a special dose of CHILL. I’ll absolutely be back and feel inspired to approach skin care from a more educated and informed perspective. I won’t waste my time anywhere else.

Chelsea C.

I had a hydra facial with Alicia. She explained everything she was doing and the product being used. She even made recommendations for my aging skin. I left with my skin feeling soft and fresh. The facility was clean and had a comfortable atmosphere. Extra care was taken to make my experience pleasant and rewarding.

T. Carby

Alicia provides a calming atmosphere for facial treatments. She is delicate and kind. She is educational in her treatments by explaining her process as well as information regarding the product she is using. She provides the best facial i have had. I will return and advise others to do the same.

Erin P.


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