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Hair Loss Shouldn’t Bother You Because Hair Regrowth Is Indeed Possible

If you consider your hair as your crowning glory, you may want to improve your hair if the existing quantity is not satisfactory. If you are trying to succeed with hair regrowth or merely want to improve on the current amount of hair on your head, finding a treatment to achieve your goal is not challenging.

The problem of hair loss affects everyone, including men and women. The precise reasons for hair loss are unknown. Hair loss is not uncommon or rare and frequently affects men and women globally as they age or because of fungal infections, hair pulling, stress, and hormonal imbalances. The numbers affecting Americans with hair loss is approximately 20 to 30 million.

The magnitude of hair loss may not seem consequential to many, but some are undoubtedly concerned with the failures and search for treatments that help prevent hair loss. Many products are available on the market, promoting hair regrowth, but most are gimmicks to promote a particular product. Therefore people concerned with hair loss issues must use credible and proven hair regrowth methods; else, prepare themselves for the consequences of using non-credible methods to promote hair regrowth.


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What Methods Are Best for Hair Regrowth?

You can find many natural remedies promoting hair regrowth used over time. Treatments like massaging your scalp, using coconut oil, onion juice (yucks), and lemon are advertised as the right products to encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Natural remedies have been around for quite some time and do not have any adverse side effects. However, if you want to visualize improvements in your hair, you must have a plan and stay consistent. It would help if you understood natural remedies require a few months before you can visualize any results. However, they allow you to be imaginative about the treatments as much as you prefer.

Credible Methods for Hair Regrowth

A credible method for hair regrowth is now available from Medspa Rancho Santa Fe, where the practitioners use a process called micro-needling to inject human growth factors (HGF) into the scalp providing successful results for most patients.

You can choose this method to promote hair regrowth instead of over-the-counter sprays or medications for hair loss, where the results are challenging to come by. Options like surgery are also available to promote hair regrowth, but the solution is cost-prohibitive besides being invasive, requiring downtime.

What Are HGF (Human Growth Factors) Treatments

Plasma is an element in our blood containing your platelets. The practitioners at Medspa extract your blood and use a machine to remove the HGF without the remaining ingredients. The enriched HGF is then injected into your scalp.

You may feel irritated when informed your blood is needed for the treatment and may wonder what the process entails. However, you must understand drawing your blood is not a complicated process, and you will merely feel a sting lasting for a few seconds. No side effects are associated with platelet-rich plasma. Medspa has prioritized infection control measures using new equipment for every patient ensuring no infections are transmitted. After undergoing HGF treatment, rest assured the crowning glory on your head will soon be visible to everyone.

Is Human Growth Factors Treatment Safe?

If you are undergoing HGF treatment with micro-needling, there are some precautions after HGF that are necessary. You must leave the HGF on the skin for at least five hours and can begin cleaning your scalp as recommended by the practitioners at Medspa.

You may experience some swelling in the scalp from the plasma injected because HGF injections are not fillers. Following the procedure, you may experience temporary side effects like redness, bruising, tenderness, swelling, or a feeling of pressure in the treated area. You can use ice packs immediately after the treatment to reduce swelling.

Do not attempt to wash your skin for at least five hours after HGF is injected into your skin or expose the treated area to harsh sunlight or use a steam room, Jacuzzi, hot showers, or strenuous exercise. You can continue with your regular skincare routine after you have healed entirely. If you have any questions about the treatment, do not hesitate to contact the practitioners of HGF treatments in Medspa Rancho Santa Fe.


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