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Everything You Should Know about Micro-needling

Do you ever feel like your beauty is hidden under your skin? Sometimes the skin can tamper with your self-confidence more so when you have issues like scars and acne. In the modern world, aesthetic appeal is held in high regard, which makes it hard for you if you have problematic skin.
Thankfully, skin remedies are available in places like Fairbanks Medspa. One crucial area we like to pursue to help patients is that of micro-needling. If this is a new term for you, read on to learn more about this skin treatment and why it works.


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What Is Micro-needling?

It is a skin treatment solution that helps stimulate the production of collagen. Usually, it is described as a minimally invasive dermal procedure, which works by pricking the skin with small needles. The needles are specifically used to prick the facial skin, producing collagen that then makes the skin appear smoother and better evenly toned. This procedure takes a little over 2 hours to complete. It can be performed by different specialists, ranging from dermatologists to plastic or cosmetic surgeons. However, check to ensure that your attending dentist is board-certified.

How Does the Treatment Work?

This procedure involves pricking the surface of the skin with small needles. The small pricks become small injuries. When your skin is injured, it produces collagen, to aid the healing process. This treatment, therefore, works by stimulating your skin to produce more collagen, which is necessary for many benefits for your skin. The new collagen-rich tissues that are produced post the needling have a smoother texture and more even tone and appearance.

Some of the things you should expect from your procedure include:

  1. Topical anesthesia – it helps numb your face from any possible pain and discomfort of the procedure.
  2. Pin-pricking your skin – your attending specialists will move a pen-like device over your face, making small pricks on your skin. The pricks are so small that you will hardly notice them. This is why it is called micro-needling. This process will happen throughout your face, to achieve an even finish in all areas.
  3. Calming treatment – after even pin-pricking, your doctor will apply a serum on your face. The serum will help calm your face from the pricking process.

Who Needs Micro-needling Treatment?

Patients that seek micro-needling treatment in Medspa in Rancho Santa Fe, CA come in with different facial problems. Their desires are often to improve their skin’s appearance. Ideally, as long as you have good health overall, you are qualified for micro-needling treatment near you. You also need to have any of the following skin problems:

  1. Wrinkles and defined fine lines
  2. Scars
  3. Large skin pores
  4. Acne
  5. Sunspots or age spots
  6. Stretch marks (in other areas of your body)
  7. General unevenness of the skin tone

Still, not everyone is safe to have this treatment. your attending dentist will first check your health. Most of the people that do not qualify for the procedure are pregnant women aside from that some types of acne cannot be treated with this method. For example, with skin conditions like eczema, you may not be fit for the treatment. Above and beyond, anyone with open wounds on the skin cannot go through the procedure.

Is the Treatment Expensive?

The cost of the entire procedure is relative to how many sessions you get. Usually, you would need two or three sessions for effective results. However, it still will depend on how severe your skin issue. A typical micro-needling treatment would cost between $100 and $700 for a session. Further, you may need to foot the bill from out-of-pocket, having that it is not usually covered by medical insurances as it is a cosmetic procedure.

What To Expect After Treatment

The results of the needling will not be noticeable immediately. If anything, it is the redness of your skin that will grab your attention. However, this should dissipate with time. You are very likely to experience mild soreness because your skin was pricked. The irritation, however, is a response to the small injuries caused by the process. It should disappear after a couple of days, as your skin starts healing.

An important fact to remember is that sunscreen will be your new befriend. Your skin will be sensitive to the sun rays, which is why you need to protect it using sunscreen products.


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