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All the Essential Facts about HGF Treatment

Human Growth Factors (HGF) therapy involves the use of an injection of your blood portion into an ailing joint. The procedure is used to treat joint problems, which occur as a result of damages on your tendons, causing inflammation. The approach is an alternative of some surgical operations where applicable, for quick healing to occur.


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What Is HGF Treatment?

HGF therapy uses an injection of your platelets to speed up healing of your injured ligaments, tendons, joints, or muscles. HGF injections use your healing system to recover the musculoskeletal issues.

HGF injections are run via a centrifuge to collect platelets. The platelets are then injected into your injured tissue directly. This therapy ensures growth is stimulated, and the cells that lead to healing are produced at a higher rate.

At times, your doctor may use ultrasound imaging to guide the HGF injection. The ultrasound guidance is vital to ensure that the cells are concentrated in the affected area, to initiate the healing process.

Some of the Potential Side Effects Related to HGF Treatment

An injection can accelerate the healing process with local anesthesia in your injured area. You may experience pain until the healing happens. However, some side effects may arise. The threats may be resulted by allergic reactions of your body to injections. Some of the risks include:

  • Damage of the tissues
  • Injuries of your nerves
  • Acute pain at the injection spot
  • An infection around the affected area

You’ll need to consult your doctor on some of these risks and find a way to minimize or avoid them.

The Applications of a HGF Procedure

There are various uses of HGF treatment that you may undertake to gain optimal results; they include:

  • The treatment of acute injuries including knee sprains or pulled hamstring muscles
  • Hair loss treatment where your scalp is injected with HGF to enhance growth and prevent hair loss and the process treats male baldness.
  • In case your tendons are injured, the HGF therapy can be useful to treat chronic issues that cause pain on your ankle or in the knee.
  • Postsurgical repair of torn tendons in your shoulder or on your damaged ligaments
  • In the treatment of your knee Osteoarthritis since the injections are effective than traditional therapy

Using HGF Therapy to Treat Hair Loss

HGF therapy can be used to complement your hair transplants. It helps speed up the rate of growth for your transplanted hair roots. It’s also used to make your hair thicker.

If you are bald, you’ll need to undergo therapy to address the issue.). Complex baldness issues will require you to undergo monthly HGF treatments continuously for the next six months.

Your hair loss conditions can be solved through consistent HGF therapy, and the hair will regain its authentic look.

Benefits Related to HGF Therapy

Some of the advantages based on HGF treatment include:

  • The process enhances the production of collagen and other cells in the affected tissues naturally. Collagen enables the restoration of your initial shape to the part that had sunken to due injuries.
  • The injection can be used to treat delicate parts effectively.
  • Improved functionality and minimal pain on people who suffer from chronic tendon pain
  • There’s no need to take anti-inflammation medication.
  • Side effects related to HGF treatment are rare, since the injection is done from your blood components, and no reaction can occur.

How We Handle HGF Treatment at FairbanksMed Spa in Rancho Santa, Fe

At our med spa in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, we use HGF for hair loss treatment and musculoskeletal injury. HGF accelerates the healing process of your ligaments and tendons.

The procedure takes about an hour. Once the injection is made on the affected tissue, we ensure it’s restrained from pressure, to allow healing to take effect. Our medical practitioners recommend icing toprevent swelling. You can resume routine activity after one week.

We handle our injections at Fairbanks Med Spa based on ultrasound guidance to ensure you are safe. Ultrasound allows us to observe what tissue is injected, and guarantee no side effect or severe conditions occur after we complete therapy.

Medics have used HGF therapy in the treatment of muscles and ligaments, and it has been effective. If you are suffering from tendon injuries or osteoarthritis, visit a regenerative medical expert for a HGF procedure


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